Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 San Francisco Dodger Fans...

The SF Giants hadn't been to the NLCS since 2002, so of course it figures they return to playoff excellence the first October we live here.

After two years of the Phillies crushing Dodger World Series aspirations and a disappointing 2010 campaign for the the boys in blue, I was hoping to put baseball aside for the winter and concentrate on more important things (like blogging).  But every Giant victory (as of now they lead the Phillies 2-1) reminds me that this year, my baseball team sucked.  And while the future for the Dodgers looks bleak thanks to a messy ownership divorce, I fear this Giant stroke of luck might linger.

It's not easy being a Dodger fan in SF right now.  While applying for jobs, I used my old work email instead of my everyday email (dandodger1, which I have had since I was 11).  EOE might hold a little weight when it comes to race, but I do not yet trust that phrase when it comes to baseball.

The hardcore Green Bay Packers fan in this relationship has it easier.  At least the 49ers suck, so Robyn does not have to deal with daily 49er propaganda handed out on the subway or 49er hats and jerseys everywhere she looks.

As for me, the only recourse I have is to wait for this fanaticism to pass.  And so I guess I must do what I always do:  Root for the Giants to lose.


  1. How dare you? I would never root for the Dodgers to lose.

    Okay, yes I would.

  2. BOOOO! Its ok I still love you guys :)