Monday, January 30, 2012

My Marriage, Queen, and the Holy Spirit

Three things I love. Three things that have spoken to me this weekend. Three things that have blessed me. Three things that moved me out of frustration over my limited ability since breaking my finger.

My Marriage: Somehow the mystery of "oneness" is happening to us. Our once independent and some times differing opinions on issues are become more "our" convictions. We are working together. We are playing together. We are following our own passions, together. It is a mystery, but I love it. The part of us that has two working hands served the limited part of us to make sure we got the house cleaned.

Queen: Hits the emotional nail on the head. Their songs gave me the joy to dance around when I have been fearful of even moving. I was reminded that I am not alone in my pain. Their songs are sad in the lyrics, but the rhythm and melody are upbeat and strong. When life is sad and frustrating, I want to live with vibrancy and strength.

The Holy Spirit: I was reminded that I am in fact broken, just like my hand. I am limited. But Jesus doesn't care. I don't need to worry about producing an excellent thesis, a clean house, a list of potential jobs, or a network of impressive people. He loves me even if I sit on the couch and let me hand heal. Simple idea in Christianity, but my heart keeps forgetting that Jesus' love is all I need to find my worth.

Beautiful Inspiration is Truth. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spoke Too Soon

A day after I wrote the previous blog, I fell off my bike and broke my pinky finger on my right hand and seriously sprained my hand. Three days later Danny had food poisoning and had to stay home from my family Christmas celebration in San Luis Obispo. We have slowly been getting back to "normal" and I just chuckle at life.

Even when crappy things happen, there is still much to be thankful for: I'm thankful there was no car behind me. I'm thankful for an understanding boss and a couple of weeks to heal before school (and typing) started. I'm thankful that Danny got sick over a three day weekend so there was plenty of time to recuperate.  I still see God's hand upon us even though 2012 has started a bit rocky.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, Content Feelings

Reflecting on this past year, I realized it was a pretty awesome year for us. There were no major heartaches or hard events. No, 2011 was a year of healing, blessing, and so much fun! Here is a list of the things I am thankful for from 2011:

  • Four feet of fresh powder for our first snowboarding trip of the season.
  • Two more snowboard trips.
  • Began tutoring at the Tenderloin After School Program.
  • Enjoyed a membership at the Modern Museum of Art.
  • Found Lighthouse Church, which became our home church.
  • Beloved Community in Daly City where we made some amazing friends.
  • Coffee with Lindsey Smith weekly.
  • Deepening relationships in my Masters Classes (e.g. Beer Club).
  • Trip to Colorado to see JJ and Tessa.
  • A 36 miles round trip bike ride for Danny's Birthday (1,000 ft elevation gain).
  • Five weddings. Danny was in two of them.
  • Celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary in 40 mph gusts of winds while camping with Danny's family in Gaviota California. A unique celebration that was a perfect way to celebrate our crazy first year.
  • Had a professor tell me that he was really impressed with my growth since starting my program.
  • Completed my first year of my Masters program: 100+  written pages, 1,000+ read pages, and millions of conversations later, I have learned so much!
  • A week in Coasta Rica with the Halls for my first family vacation with them.
  • Celebrated my mom turning 70 in June with a surprise tea party!
  • Spoke about Race, ethnicity, and reconcilation during InterVarsity's Fresno Urban Internship.
  • Worked with Destination Science during the summer: Great to contribute to the household expenses and to work daily with kids.
  • Summer in the City: Concerts at Stern Grove, a trip to Sonoma, Outside lands concert, bike trips to explore.
  • Joined the Hall Fantasy Football league, so participated in my first "Draft Day" (yes, it is a whole day, where we draft together in person).
  • Camping in the Redwoods with Church friends.
  • Went to my first college football game (Stanford vs UCLA).
  • Tailgated for the first time.
  • Saw Charlie, my brother-in-law play a couple of times with the UCLA band.
  • Blue Angels/Fleet week, enough said.
  • My other brother-in-law, Andy and his girlfriend came for a visit one weekend.
  • We moved to a more sunny, less hilly, and mold-free area of SF.
  • We now live below Dorothy, a friend from church, who is quickly become our SF family.
  • Went to the Academy of Sciences for FREE!
  • Backpacked with Danny in Marin headlands.
  • A surprise birthday party for me!
  • A wonderful holiday season with my mom and extended family at Thanksgiving and Danny's family at Christmas.
The main theme for me this year has been family. Danny and I continue to build our own family while learning how to be apart of each other's root family. Nothing like a week trip in a foreign country to bond you with your in-laws! Our church community is beginning to feel more  like family as we continue to develop friendships with them. As a church, we also want to take our "family" into the larger community of San Francisco and welcome more people into our relationships. For me, my "school friends" have also become a sort of family: I call them "my people". They understand me more than any other group of people I have ever encountered. we are there for each other as we sort through many emotions and thoughts. They challenge me as I dream of what I will be when I "grow-up" and hold me accountable to making a difference in the world.

I know that 2011 was not so good for other people. For that I feel blessed, humbled, and grateful for such an amazing year. I did not deserve such a wonderful year, but the Lord has been good to me. May 2012 be such a year for you no matter what 2011 was like.