Monday, October 31, 2011

Can I pour it in the InterVarsity mug?

Danny asked me this the day after we moved into our new apartment. If the beverage had been coffee I would have said sure, even though the InterVarsity mug is not one of my favorites. We had just moved-in and were pulling our dishes out of boxes as we needed them. Drinking coffee out of my favorite mug was the least of my concerns. If the beverage had been milk, water, or juice, I would have agreed to consume my it from the blue, thick walled, mug. Shoot, even if I was handed a cocktail in that mug, I would have gladly accepted it at that point.

So why, when Danny asked this did I shake my head, pry my body, and slowly stumble (for I could barely walk from soreness) toward one specific box?

Because it was wine and it needed a wine glass.

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