Monday, January 30, 2012

My Marriage, Queen, and the Holy Spirit

Three things I love. Three things that have spoken to me this weekend. Three things that have blessed me. Three things that moved me out of frustration over my limited ability since breaking my finger.

My Marriage: Somehow the mystery of "oneness" is happening to us. Our once independent and some times differing opinions on issues are become more "our" convictions. We are working together. We are playing together. We are following our own passions, together. It is a mystery, but I love it. The part of us that has two working hands served the limited part of us to make sure we got the house cleaned.

Queen: Hits the emotional nail on the head. Their songs gave me the joy to dance around when I have been fearful of even moving. I was reminded that I am not alone in my pain. Their songs are sad in the lyrics, but the rhythm and melody are upbeat and strong. When life is sad and frustrating, I want to live with vibrancy and strength.

The Holy Spirit: I was reminded that I am in fact broken, just like my hand. I am limited. But Jesus doesn't care. I don't need to worry about producing an excellent thesis, a clean house, a list of potential jobs, or a network of impressive people. He loves me even if I sit on the couch and let me hand heal. Simple idea in Christianity, but my heart keeps forgetting that Jesus' love is all I need to find my worth.

Beautiful Inspiration is Truth. 

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