Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jesus from a Postmodern Perspective: A Man I Could Actually Follow

This is the title of final paper for one of my classes....Intrigued?

This is part-two of my education and faith overlap. I have been in a class this semester studying critical and postmodern pedagogies. It has all the big names in educational theory (Marx, Apple, Giroux, Friere, Foucault  Solaranzo, Bhabba, Said, etc). These are the men and women (mostly white men though, sigh) that get my heart racing. These are the theorist who say what is in my heart for the world of education.

As I have been studying these theories, I realize that what they are saying isn't anything new. Jesus said it all way before any of them or their great, great, great grandparents were born. But I have said all this before here.

Jesus is super appealing and awesome when we actually look at what he preached. So, I started wondering why the church doesn't seem to preach the Jesus that I know and why we don't seem to be compelled to live the way he lived. My answer and a way to articulate it came from this class.

To be continued...

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