Monday, February 6, 2012

Ticket to Ride

I love riding the bus. Not everyone agrees that the bus is the best means of travel, but for me, it is the best. No, riding the bus is not faster than BART. No, riding the bus is not as healthy for you as walking. No, the bus is not as comfortable as the light-rail trains. But a bus travels across a gentrified city. A bus has the capacity to welcome a larger variety of people into its interior. Today, on my trip from Sutter and Van Ness to home, I saw a women knitting a pink hat, a hipster man and his guitar, a father and his son, a ghost of a man coughing, a heart shaped ballon that needed a seat all to its self, a group of four boy-men listening to rap and coming home from making a difference in our communities, and a teen-ager with a fruit popsicle yelling, "Hold the bus!"

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