Tuesday, March 6, 2012


No, not with a baby. You freaked out, didn't you?

Rather, I have been contemplating how writing my thesis is like being pregnant. Never having been pregnant, I can not say for sure if it is an exact comparison. I rely on my friends who have been pregnant  to determine if these thoughts relate at all to pregnancy.

  • I was thrilled and a bit giddy when I first found out what it entailed.
  • Now, being so close to the end, I just want it to "push" it out and be done.
  • I am ready for my bundle of joy that everyone will ooh and aah over.
  • The weight gain...I am heavier now than when I started.
  • Lot of friends asks me about it every time I see them and I don't really have much new to report. Only I can sense the minuscule changes that happen on a daily basis. 
  • I'm worried about the "delivery".  I'm worried that I am going to mess it up. I'm worried that something will go wrong. I'm worried that it will be painful. 
  • Some nights I can't sleep.
  • I have done quite a bit of reading in preparation for this big day. 
  • Danny has picked up the slack around the house. He is supportive and understanding, while doing his best to sympathize, but really he can not fully understand. (Thankfully, maybe one day, he can experience a thesis even though he can't ever experience a pregnancy.)
  • I am trying to restructure my life in order to see that this "baby" of mine has the best chance at being the best it can be. 

Carrying from conception to birth only applies to a thesis for now. But I have a new appreciation for those mothers out there. I can still have a glass of wine after a particularly grueling "pregnancy" day.

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