Monday, April 16, 2012

Internal Conversation

I catch a glimpse of myself smiling in the passing store window on my way to the bus.

"I just wrote a blog post about how I identify with Blair from Gossip Girl. Now, I am planning a post about how I resonate with Katniss from Hunger Games? Robyn, those characters are complete opposites. One is a prissy privileged dress wearing young woman who meddles in other people's lives and the other is a tough, non-approachable, pants wearing young woman who finds a way to stick it to those in power while fighting for her life."

This time I laugh out loud, startling the older gentleman walking the opposite direction.

"Of course. How fitting that I identify with both the feminine and the badass motif. I am both of those. Maybe someday I will star in a movie about a dress wearing super-hero. Damn, there goes my bus."

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