Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Clean or Not to Clean

Recently, while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist, I began to ponder cleaning. I was thinking that I was going to become the best flosser in the world. I would go home and floss that night and the next night. My teeth were clean now so why not keep them that way? Well, because, I realized that it is much more satisfying to floss when I really need it or when I am know I am going to the dentist. That is what happen this time. I started flossing two weeks before my visit and the dental hygienist was impressed. Ha!

Next, I started dreaming about vacuuming once a week, instead of when I noticed pieces of lint on the ground or company was coming over. I thought about becoming that person who wiped down the bathroom every week and mopped every two weeks. I wanted to become the housekeeper who completes her chores like clockwork!

But alas, I never would become that person. Why? Because it is much more satisfying for me to clean something that is dirty rather than something that is clean. So, I will probably only floss and vacuum when my teeth and floors need it. Gross? Maybe.

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